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Hey, Paul Krugman!

Posted in Uncategorized by cready on October 28, 2009
paul krugman


I [and thousands of people the world over] read Paul Krugman’s NY Times column very religiously, and man, he makes sense. I don’t know how he manages to convince me of his viewpoint every time no matter how opposed I might be to what he’s saying. He’s undoubtedly the best critic there can be. But the obvious question which comes to the mind is, if this guy is so damn good at giving advice, why doesn’t he get involved in the action himself? After all, a guy who’s op-ed column influences opinion in the American Congress should ideally be a ‘fix-it’ guy at least for some part, right?

The song I’m embedding below perfectly echoes this very same sentiment in the ‘awesomest’ way possible. Very cool indeed. I know I’m a little late in discovering this video, but I’m sure if you’ve not seen it, you’ll like it too.


The lyrics –

Hey Paul Krugman,
Why aren’t you in the administration?
Is there some kind of politicking that I don’t understand?
I mean, Timothy Geithner is like some little weasel.
Wasn’t he in a position of power
when all this sh*t went down in the first place?

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman,
where the hell are ya, man?
‘Cause we need you on the front lines
not just writing for
The New York Times.
I’d feel better if you were calling some shots
instead of writing your blog and probably thinking a lot.

I mean, don’t you have some influence?
Why aren’t you secretary of the Treasury?

For God’s sake, man, you won the Nobel Prize.
Timothy Geithner uses TurboTax.

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense.
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman, where the hell are ya, man?
(Obama Breakdown)

Sing it with me!

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense.
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman, where the hell are ya, man?
Your country needs you now.

And here’s Mr. Krugman’s reaction to the video –

The silence is palpable. Poor guy, I wonder what he must be thinking!

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Greed….makes you foolish?

Posted in Uncategorized by cready on September 17, 2009

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed — for lack of a better word — is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms — greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge — has marked the upward surge of mankind.

—— Gordon Gekko (Wall Street 1987)

Wall StreetWhen I first saw Wall Street last year, and when I heard Michael Douglas uttering those true but evil words, I was left spell-bound [you can have a look at that iconic dialogue here]. It set me thinking. And no matter what you argue, it is true. September 14th marked the one year anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers. I have been following this entire crisis and its fall-out like a cold-blooded stalker and I wanted to write something about this for quite some time, but the content of this post finally set me writing. By the way, if you’re a Wall Street fan or a person directly or indirectly hurt by the financial crisis, let me tell you that Oliver Stone is coming up with a sequel to Wall Street which is going to be all about the greed on Wall Street and last year’s meltdown.

Anyhow, President Obama made a speech [1,2,3] on Wall Street on the first anniversary of Lehman’s collapse a few days ago and specifically aimed that greed everyone keeps talking about. Critics have panned the speech and have questioned the actual actions taken as opposed to the fancy words of Obama. In a way, I think its right. There is no point just making philosophical statements and not doing what actually needs to be done. There is plenty of abundance of motivational speakers etc. throughout the world and looking at Mr. Obama’s oratory skills, I have no doubt he’ll make a fortune as a speaker once he steps down as President [like what most Presidents do!]. What needs to be done right now is the execution of some serious proposals.

In light of my previous statement, very few steps have actually been taken to correct the mistakes that happened and punish/restrain the guilty whose actions almost literally brought down mighty America. Here is one NY Times op-ed that discusses what actually needs to be done [if you’re a financial markets fanatic, do not miss this] to avoid a repeat.

But what is more shocking is that not one of the chiefs of the rescued [giant] banks was there for the President’s Wall Street visit-cum-speech. You might say that they were purposefully not invited by White House as a mark of rebuttal. Maybe, but I really don’t believe Obama wouldn’t give a speech to the villains in their face and choose to have them watch it on television from their offices. Could they not spare some time for the Government who saved them from near extinction? In this article by Simon Johnson, a professor of Entrepreneurship at M.IT’s Sloan School of Management, he discusses how the bosses of Wall Street have shown a repeat of their reckless behavior. The Wall Street Journal seconds this opinion here.

Maybe the reason why they have been so reckless is because they truly believe next time something like this happens, the common tax payers’ money will come rushing to their rescue once again. I guess it is this ‘we are too big to fail’ American phenomena that is keeping them relaxed. And it makes sense too. Why else did the Government step in to stem the stench this time? Because it knew that if it did not act, the repercussions were going to be unimaginable.

What the dudes seem to have forgotten is that in spite of all the safety measures, America did let Lehman fail. Only then did it step up its gears. Lehman [then the 4th largest bank in U.S] had gone to them begging for money and they were denied aid. Who knows who it will be next if such a situation arises? If the chiefs of these banks are so stupid to not attend such an important event and make it glaringly obvious and arrogant in the eyes of the public, I just hope they do get a severe punishment for their indifference and casual laid back attitude in some way or the other.

Because greed might have marked the upward surge of mankind, but plain foolishness should and definitely will not.

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Stoned Professor

Posted in Uncategorized by cready on September 2, 2009

Isn’t his momentary obliviousness cute and infectious? And the legal pricks all over argue so irrationally about how drugs are uncool [;)]!

My personal best moment : at 1:07 where he chirps, “duuuudes..I mean..come oooon…!”. Made my day. Next time you’re in a class, pressure the professor to come drunk/drugged. I bet you it will be the best class of your life and his life too.

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Uncle Sam is watching us

Posted in Uncategorized by cready on August 14, 2009

uncle-samThat’s right. He is watching ALL of us and what we’ve been upto. He sits pretentiously in his mansion there, smoking an expensive cigar, having a scotch and bragging to himself how he’s the Big Daddy of the world. He smirks arrogantly how he can arm-twist any and every nation in the world and make it obey his orders. But guess what ‘uncle’, you’re growing old and soon, you’re time is gonna to get over.

So my friend, get ready for a butt-kicking of a lifetime very soon. Because we ain’t gonna bow to to nothin’ of your crap.

Now, enough with the fancy words. Lets get to the matter of this post seriously. The Unites States Commission on International Religious Freedom, or USCIRF, a U.S Govt. organization established to “monitor the status of freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief abroad”, or in colloquial terms, to do some country punching every now-and-then over matters of religious equality, has recently added India to it’s ‘Watch List’ on the grounds that religious freedom in India is getting compromised. Apparently, this jobless organization has an extensive list of ‘Countries to watch out for’, which you may view here. It consists of countries like Cuba, Russia, Afghanistan etc. But that’s not all. It also maintains a ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ list [see this] which has nations like [c’mon, this gotta be easy] China, North Korea, Burma etc. Recently, the USCIRF released a 14 page report on India which prompted it to add India to it’s ‘list’. The report is available here. I quote directly from this report here :

The Commission notes that although the infrastructure for investigating and prosecuting
cases of religiously-motivated violence or harassment exists in India, the capacity of the legal
system is severely limited and is utilized inconsistently. These deficiencies have resulted in a
culture of impunity that gives members of vulnerable minority communities few assurances of
their safety, particularly in areas with a history of communal violence, and little hope of
perpetrator accountability.

Duh. As if this was some real intelligent conclusion after all the ‘research’. I mean, get a life, morons! If you thought this is 1800’s or 1900’s when India was stupid to bow shamelessly to foreign pressure, you’re sadly mistaken. Yes, there are sections of Indian society who are getting oppressed and there is mindless, useless violence, and you’re right in pointing out our wounds. But now, we are capable of handling ourselves. We need neither your crutches nor your bullying. So why don’t you improve your own country with all it’s racial tension boiling all over on the streets, in films and even in politics when Barack Obama became President? What if tomorrow an Indian ‘organization’ releases a ‘report’ about how little the election of a black to the highest post in America has done to it’s white consience? Dudes, no matter what the white among you say today, I ‘know’ that you’re sulking inside for Obama much the same way you think you ‘know’ what India is. Because believe me, you don’t. Power has corrupted you and it has gone to your head. You now look at things around you as if you owned them. You might give all these hi-fi sermons about religious equality, but you really don’t know how a nation feels when it’s innocent citizens are butchered mercilessly over Ram and Allah. Why do Muslims and Sikhs in your country live in fear? So before you go around branding nations as if it were your right, look inside. And the American man payes taxes so that your Government does work for him. If this is your Government’s work, goodluck to the Great American Dream.

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