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The maya of Maya

Posted in Uncategorized by cready on September 4, 2009

It’s picture time.

Once upon a time, she toured the dusty, sunny plains of U.P alone and delivered fiery speeches to win the Dalit conscience. That was the time when she needed the people to know her, to make her their hope, their everything. That was the time when she had just started out and was a relative nobody

mayawati 1

Then, she actually became the hope of the downtrodden, a face for the faceless, neglected class. Party workers began worshipping her and began scrambling desperately for her blessings [in the hope that they’ll get a share of her profit!] –

mayawati 2

Then she roared right on into political limelight. People couldn’t get enough of their behenji. She became a darling of the masses. Coronation followed.

mayawati 3

Then came the seat of power where she relaxed her spongy bottoms, completely oblivious to the misery of the junta.

mayawati 4

The perks of power followed. The extravagance, the waste of national resources on a cake [actually, cakes. And a birthday!] which could have fed at least hundred hungry laborers on whose blood she was where she was.

mayawati 5

Then began the ‘legacy making’; unveiling of her statues by her own hands [duh!]. What a loser. People strive all their life so that society will reward them with respect and remembrance after they are gone. But smart behenji found a short-cut. Seriously, even Dr. Ambedkar, whose work she claims she is taking forward, would be offended.

mayawati 6



What next? Well, believe it or not, Kumari Mayawati has become a goddess now. That’s right. I would’ve put up a picture of that too over here, but thanks to stupid Google, I couldn’t find ‘that’ image and cannot continue the picture story. Anyhow, here’s a NDTV video of that in which the devi of the downtrodden has been shown looking down at you, giving you her blessings.

Apparently, a fine arts Dalit student, Mahesh Tripathi, has made these paintings of her, depicting her as a goddess in various avatars.

CNN iBN also reports here off Mr. Tripathi’s interview [no video, just text] :

“The painting projects Mayawati as the goddess of wealth, knowledge and peace. In the painting she (Mayawati) holds a kamandal, which symbolizes that she leads a simple life”.

“Many would think that I have tried to appease Mayawati by depicting her in divine forms. I want to make it clear that I have no intention to join politics. I made such paintings as I got impressed by the Chief Minister, who rose to power after facing hardships and several problems.”

Well, if he says so so firmly, I agree he has no intention of ass kissing. But at least he must have done this to get spotlight and further his arts career. No? Don’t agree? Fine. Then he really is a moron. And it is only because of morons like these that a Mayawati exists in our society and also because why I get a chance to rant about her here and paint her as a rakshas, as opposed to Mr. Tripathi’s vision. It’s a beautiful life for me [and possibly him], but what about those helpless people who blindly put their faith in her?

Ms. Maywati, a great leader is not remembered by his statues and paintings. Only if you really do something for the people will they remember you. Otherwise, your legacy will reduce to just a bunch of statues all over Lucknow which people two generations hence will not even recognize. And when they’ll ask a grandpa whose statue it is, he’ll be forced to comment nothing but, “That’s the lady who ate all the cake!”.

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